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Interconnection Proof

Spent the weekend in an intense retreat in a mallorca under a ceiling that seemed to remind me of a mushroom sky. Perhaps this serves as evidence that all things are interconnected. I am currently so grateful to have felt that interconnection this weekend. While it is a scientific fact that all things are interconnected - sometimes we have to work really hard to see it and sometimes it is self evident. It is usually very hard work to get to the place of being able to feel it, but that feeling is real and deeply healing.

One of the goals of starting Four Winds therapy is to help teach and show people that even when they feel completely alone they are and can feel intimately connected to all that exists.

Learning how to tap into and feel that interconnection can be what most heals us. If you are seeking this type of healing awareness there are many methods to help and four winds therapy is prepared to offer a few including traditional mental health therapy, eco-therapy and psychedelic therapy. Whether you need to integrate or are ready to explore we are excited to offer you assistance. Please reach out to schedule an introduction session to get started. Our September retreat is open for new participants!


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